NV-Cure Book Drives for Prisoners at FMWCC

Attention ALL NV-CURE Members and Supporters:

ANYONE with paperback books to donate to prisons in Nevada, please contact us and arrange donation. These people need books - please help. Thank you.

Spread the word!

--> All books must be paperback. NO HARD COVERS.

Anyone with books to donate should contact:

(phone Nevada Cure at 702.347.1731)

When the NDOC approves the donations, it may take 6-8 weeks.

Thank you for your help.

DONATE BOOKS NOW. Do not be late.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Agenda for the 6/24/15 NV-CURE Meeting


Agenda for the  6/24/15 NV-CURE Meeting

Law Office of Gallian, Welker & Beckstrom, LC
Meeting Location
Conference Room
540 E. St. Louis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Tel. Nevada-Cure: 702.347.1731
Website: Nevadacure.org

Conference Call Number and Code: 712-432-0926 - Code: 493815#

The following is the Agenda for NV-CURE Monthly Meeting:

1. Identification of Members and Guests present at meeting and introduction of new members/guests.

2. Approval of Agenda.

3. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting.

4. Open comments by members and guests.

5. Issues to be discussed at meeting:

  a. Board of Directors Election and Results.

  b. Appointment of President, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasure, Webmaster, Legislative and  Fundraising Committees and Mail Handler.

  c. Medical Care for Prisoners.

6. Suggestions and recommendations for acts to be performed before next meeting.

7. Set date, time and place for next meeting. (Next Meeting July 29, 2015)

8. Adjourn meeting.


We welcome the participation of all Nevada CURE Members/Supporters and invite all to attend any monthly NV-CURE meetings that may be scheduled. We want all members to participate in the process.

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