Nevada Cure Resource Booklet 2016

Here you can download the 2016 Resource Guide for Nevada Prisoners. Please share this with a friend or loved one inside, thank you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Please be advised that the Nevada Chapter of National CURE has been reactivated. We are currently actively recruiting prisoners, their families, their friends and prisoner rights supporters to join us in a concentrated effort to change the Nevada prison and parole systems. We need your help. Working together, instead of at cross purposes, we can change the way our government treats our errants. Please join our cause. Working together we can make constructive changes to the systems.

The prison system MUST BE REQUIRED to provide to all prisoners:
adequate medical care, food, clothing and housing; rehabilitative educational, vocational and programming activities; and with respect for their constructive activities on behalf of other prisoners and themselves.

The parole system MUST BE ELIMINATED - OR REQUIRED: to provide full and fair hearings on parole application; to permit an applicant to review any and all information that will be considered by the Board in deciding a parole
application; to confront and cross examine each and every person that has contacted the Board in opposition of a parole application; and to comply with all requirements of Open Meeting Law or, alternatively, the Contested Case requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act.

Working together, jointly, and in solidarity, we can change the way the systems operate. By our concerted activities, we may demand the changes required through our legislative, judicial and support initiatives; by our votes in each election; and by o& reporting and demanding the removal from office all of the “tough on crime” bureaucrats that abuse their positions of power.

Join NV-CURE and help us change the prison and parole systems. We need you to become involved and help us to help those that depend upon us to secure for them their basic human rights.

Struggle in Solidarity,
NV-CURE Board of Directors
July 27th, 2011

John Witherow
Anthony Villa
Travis Barrick
Laurie Reilly-Johnson
Michelle Ravell
Pat Hines
Benjamin Zvenia
Board of Directors

(Citizens United For The Rehabilitation Of Errants)
540 E. St. Louis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89 1 04
nevadacure @ gmail .com

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