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Behind Prison Bars 4 - Job Opportunities for Inmates: 

Behind Prison Bars: Elimination of the Discretionary Parole System (October, 2015): Attorney Cal J. Potter III discusses why the discretionary parole system should be eliminated, with John Witherow, who has first-hand experience with what this means for someone.  Produced by Glen Tubbesing. Please watch the video on the NV Parole Board at this link.

Behind Prison Bars 1 - Medical Treatment (July 31, 2015) - John Witherow and Natalie Smith discuss medical treatment within the Nevada Department of Corrections with Attorney Cal J. Potter III. Produced by Glen Tubbesing.

Behind Prison Bars 3 - Grievance Procedures at NDOC (July 31, 2015) - Travis N. Barrick, Attorney in Las Vegas and a former member of the Board of Directors of Nevada Cure, discusses retaliation and the grievance procedure in the Nevada Department of Corrections with John Witherow and Bill Frank of Nevada-Cure. Produced by Glen Tubbesing.

Brave New Films presents: 6 Companies that Profit from Prison:

These were made in January of 2015:

Words from our president, John Witherow:

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We need Hepatitis C testing for those in prison in Nevada. Learn why:

Why Nevada needs an independent Ombudsman for its prison system:

Eliminate the "discretionary parole system" in Nevada:

Restore the vote for convicted felons. Why? Watch this video:

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