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Friday, April 27, 2012

Press Release: Nevada Cure (NV-CURE) Receives Grant Award From RESIST


APRIL 27, 2012

Nevada Cure (NV-CURE) Receives Grant Award

Nevada Cure (NV-CURE), located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has just been awarded $1200.00 by RESIST, Inc., a national progressive foundation located in Somerville, Massachusetts.

NV-CURE advocates to unite prisoners and their family, friends and supporters across artificial dividing lines of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation in order to make constructive changes to Nevada’s prison and parole system: Prisoners helping prisoners, with assistance from supporters outside. We gather information on prisoner abuse, medical neglect, retaliation and other constitutional violations by the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC), publicizing such information and brining incidents to the attention to the director of NDOC, the general public, and the United States Department of Justice. NV-CURE assists prisoners with obtaining access to the courts by providing assistance with the grievance process and aiding them in understanding federal civil rights law and the remedies they have for redress.
To contact NV-CURE, please call or write:

John Witherow, President, NV-CURE,
540 E. St. Louis Avenue,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 347-1731
or email them at [email protected]

President of NV-CURE John Witherow, a paralegal who spent 26 years in Nevada’s prisons says, “With this help from RESIST we are heading in the right direction. Thank you, RESIST for your confidence in our efforts!”

Secretary Natalie Smith, a writer and retired high school teacher and secretary of NV-CURE says, “I am so proud that RESIST chose us to receive this grant. RESIST is a well-known force for good and has funded many important progressive projects, and now we are among them!”

RESIST began in 1967 in support of draft resistance and in opposition to the Vietnam War. As the funder of first resort for hundreds of organizations, RESIST’S small but timely grants and loans are made to grassroots groups engaged in activist organizing and educational work for social change. RESIST defines organizing as collective action to challenge the status quo, demand changes in policy and practice, and educate communities about root causes and just solutions. RESIST recognizes that there are a variety of stages and strategies that lead to community organizing. Therefore, they support strategies that build community, encourage collaboration with other organizations, increase skills and/or access to resources, and produce leadership from the constituency being most directly affected. In fiscal year 2011, RESIST gave over $342,000 to 130 organizations across the country.

“Each year, RESIST funds groups like NV-CURE because our mission is to support people who take a stand about the issues that matter today, whether it’s to resist corporate globalization, promote a woman’s right to choose, or develop activist leaders,” says Board Chair Miabi Chatterji. “And we believe it’s especially important to help grassroots organizations that might be too small or too local - or too radical - for mainstream foundations.”

RESIST Contact:
Robin Carton, Co-Director of Grantmaking

259 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144
617-623-5110 or
robin @;

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