Nevada Prisoner Abuse Documentation

Abuses Within the Nevada Prison System, documented by Nevada-Cure as sent in as affidavits, letters, grievances, court documents, by prisoners inside the NDOC prison system.

NV-CURE for the past year has been gathering information on abuses within the Nevada prison system. These abuses include, but are not limited to, physical beating of prisoners in restraints by staff, denial of adequate medical care, retaliation for use of the grievance and judicial process, housing assignments made without regard to prison realities, long term cell confinements, staff disclosure of confidential information, staff verbal threats and intimidations of disfavored prisoners, denial of food as punishment and the denial of adequate jobs and programing activities. These abuses reflect a deliberate indifference and reckless disregard for the basic human rights of prisoners and the need for a complete reevaluation and reorganization of the Nevada prison system.

NV-CURE for the past year has been working with the NDOC Director to resolve many of the individual problems and the Director has referred many of those individual problems for investigation by the Office of the Inspector General.

NV-CURE has also recently begun working with the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Special Litigation Division to resolve the problems with the Nevada prison system and the problems brought to their attention are being investigated.

These are important first steps in the reformation of the standard operating procedures of the NDOC that has fostered the environment for these abuses and NV-CURE will continue its efforts to insure prisoners are accorded their basis human rights.

NV-CURE believes the problems and abuses associated with the prison system need to be brought to the attention of the public and our legislators for appropriate action. To facilitate the enlightenment of the public on the problems and abuses associated with the prison system, NV-CURE has elected to publish the information gathered and is urging each and every person to read the information published and to contact your Legislators regarding your concerns.


Board of Directors

NV-CURE Letter to Prisoners Regarding Staff Abuse, With Attachments, dated Oct. 24, 2011 Affidavit sample to send in with your complaint documents.
From latest to first:

281. Letter: See #278,  #322, #325 Asking for guidance and reply by CURE-Requested a grievance from c/o Dicus. Dicus said, "sure I'll give you a snitch a kite." (in front of 30 men) Inmate filed emergency grievance in regard to this. C/O Discus was the one who returned grievance and said, "Nigger this is my unit you don't run nothing!" Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

280. Medical Board complaint, Affidavit: Denied proper medical treatment at both facilities - High Desert and Ely State from 11/15/13 to 3/3/14; responsible: Dr. Koehn ESP/ Dr. Linda Adams HDSP.  Ely State Prison (ESP) and High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

279. Letter, grievance: C/O Willick pushed him, twisted arm behind his back. Requested medical at no cost to make sure hand is not broke. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

278. Letter: Urgent letter to NV-CURE in regard to C/O Dicus. Prisoner requested a grievance and C/O Dicus said, "sure I'll give you a snitch kite"! Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

277. Retaliation Affidavit: Cell shook down while gone. Religious material thrown around and broken bulb. Second shake down followed after questioning the first. C/O Dante, C/O Newton, Caseworker Thomas. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

275-276.  Grievance and 2 court screening orders federal assault lawsuits (see #272). Assault-physical, verbal, batterings, bullying, threatening and humiliating inmate, by C/O's. Excessive force and retaliation. Documented sprained left shoulder and painful medical problems in his knees, hips, and feet from incident. (Ely State Prison ESP).

274. Grievance, kites: Medical: Stint put in 6/15/13. Didn’t see the cardiologist until 8/29/13 after many complaints of chest pain and cramps. Problems still exist. Lack of medical care. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC).

273. Affidavit: Was not told she had Hep C until later date. Lack of medical care for Hepatitis C after numerous attempts to address the disease. Florence McCLure Women's Correctional Center (FMWCC).

272. Screening Order (Court docs) Excessive Force

271. Affidavit: Lack of medical and dental after being assaulted by inmates he was forced to accept from caseworkers (Weiss, Bashford) as cellmates. Left in medical for five days with no treatment. Finally taken to hospital with his tongue half ripped out; due to length of time this was untreated, his tongue cannot be fully repaired. (Ely State Prison ESP).

270. Letter: Prisoner was forced to strip while they took pictures of his buttocks, pictures were hung on wall in unit by officers Ortiz and Bauman. Retaliation (sexual threats by correctional officers) because of grievances. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC).

269. Grievance: Medical: Lack of medical care for heart disease. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC).

268. Affidavit: Medical: Cataracts - no treatment. (Lovelock CC (LCC).

267. Affidavit: Denial of Adequate Medical Care and non-treatment for HEP C, and retaliatory actions for grieving issues. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC and Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

266. Affidavit, Letter from DOJ: ADA Noncompliance at NNCC; case open with DOJ. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC).

265. Letter, court documents: Excessive force against prisoner with MS. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC, Ely State Prison, ESP).

264. Affidavit: Untreated tumor. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC).

263. Grievance, Affidavit: Assault by officers caused dislocated shoulder, not treated for injuries, racial name calling by correctional officer. (High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

262. Affidavit. letter: Dunlap is being retaliated against for filing grievances and providing information to NV-CURE. He was physically assaulted and he was set up for racial assault. (High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

261. Grievance, letter: Officer Washington gave gangs access to steal Brown's property, labeled him a snitch, set up a fight between Brown and another inmate for which Brown was disciplined. Threatened with retaliation if he files grievances. (High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

260. Affidavit: Problems with Officer Mesa, retaliation. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

259. Affidavit: Untreated MRSA. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC).

258. Letter, Affidavit: Very bad dental "care" left a bone in her mouth which has caused her excruciating pain from dentist breaking her jaw. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC).

257. Letter: Denial of medical care. Florence McCLure Women's Correctional Center (FMWCC).

256. Affidavit, grievances: Denial of medical care, doctor retaliating against patient for reporting to State Board of Medicine. Florence McCLure Women's Correctional Center (FMWCC).

255. Affidavit: Refusal to provide cataract treatment (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC).

254. Affidavit: He was told by medical that he had one good eye, so they were not going to fix his cataract. (Northern Nevada Correctional Center NNCC)

253. Letter: See #374 Retaliation for filing a civil rights lawsuit against Defendant Feil, false disciplinary charges and retaliatory transfer to Ely. (Ely State Prison).

252. Letter, Affidavit: Retaliation by Officer Todd Drake - he wrote a letter under Dunlap's name; Dunlap fears for his life. Retaliation because of filing grievances. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

251. Letter: Conditions of so-called general population at ESP. (Ely State Prison).

250. Letter: Discrimination against prisoner for being a black, gay man, and HIV positive. High Desert State Prison (HDSP), Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

248+249. Petition to David Parks, Harvey Mumford: Complaints about inmate grievance process and petition to legislators for an independent ombudsman, signed by many inmates.  Ely State Prison (ESP).

247. Letter: Guards telling prisoners that cable is out in the locked up (solitary confinement) unit because of one prisoner's grievance writing; all prisoners telling him to stop writing grievances, has been in ad seg for 908 hours. AWP Tanya Hill is returning his grievances back to him. Guards are starving him by giving him food hours late for the third time. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

246. Affidavit: Medical: female prisoner has lost four family members to cancer and she has moles that have changed color, went to the doctor who asked her symptoms and she showed him the moles and he yelled at her and asked what are your symptoms. She said she didn't know and he refused to do anything and kicked her out of medical. Florence McLure Women's Correctional Center (FMWCC).

245. Letter, Affidavit. Grievance: His legal work necessary for an evidentiary hearing on a petition for writ of habeas was seized and not returned to him. Grievance wasn't answered, his legal work has not been returned. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

244. Affidavit: Prisoner was injured by too tight handcuffs when he fell off a bunk, was refused medical care and threatened with retaliation for filing a grievance. He has been in the hole for a while now as retaliation. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

243. Grievance: More documentation related to doc. 242.

242.  Grievance: Refusal to treat serious medical and chronic pain, told by Dr. Chang that the state does not treat chronic pain and the state does not have to treat pre-existing conditions.

241. Compromised staff - SEE no. 240.

240. Affidavit: Gang activity at LCC sanctioned and assisted by correctional officers. Lovelock CC (LCC).

239. Grievance: Medical: long delays in treating chest pain after heart surgery. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

238. Affidavit: Medical: untreated cataracts causing diminishing sight. Locvelock CC (LCC).

237. Affidavit: Dental un-treatment: Broken pieces of jaw left after surgery, constant untreated pain and medical issues at NNCC, retaliation. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

236. Affidavit: Denial of medical treatment for MRSA, Hep C, liver failure and other diseases. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

237. Affidavit: Broken pieces of jaw left after surgery, constant untreated pain and medical issues at NNCC, retaliation. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

235. Affidavit: Denial of Adequate Medical Care. Retaliatory transfer resulting in not receiving Hep C treatment. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

234. Affidavit: Locked in shower cage by C/O Vanessa Heidt, who in the past had encouraged prisoners to assault him, allowed or assisted a prisoner in throwing a urine, chile pepper concoction in his eyes while he was naked; personally escorted prisoners to the shower cage and encouraged them to spit on him. He was sexually assaulted and retaliated against by NDOC officers for reporting several incidents of c/o misconduct, other incidents of excessive force. c/o Vanessa Heidt, c/o Robert Baker, officer N. Mills, c/o R. Hessler, c/o E. Lona, sgt Robert Owens, Lt Eric Burson, Lt Steven Ervin, c/o Todd Drake, caseworker J. Rainone. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

233. Letter, Emergency Grievance: C/O Holman refused to give him the phone for a legal call, stating, you are a rat. Stop telling on staff and you'll get the phone; also denial of medical care. c/o Holman, S. C/o Stephey, c/o Spears. Ely State Prison (ESP).

232. Letter, Affidavit, DOJ complaint: Paraplegic confined to a wheelchair not being provided accomodations. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

231. Screening order from federal case (3:11-cv-00668-RCJ-VPC): Case of Excessive Force: NDOC employees beat this MS patient and shot him with a taser for throwing a piece of bread to a bird. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC) and Ely State Prison (ESP).

230. Letter: Author is going blind from cataracts and is not getting medical care. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

229. Affidavit, grievance: Author was beaten by two NDOC employees, shoulder dislocated; called racist names by employees; denied medical care (Officer Ratcliff); he was threatened that if he reported it he would be transferred to ESP with substantial hole time. He was unable to pull laundry cart due to his dislocated shouler and the officer told him it was his shit, and he had to pull it. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

228. Affidavit: Retaliatory transfer for filing civil lawsuit under the pretense of a non-existent investigation. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

227. [document forthcoming] Ongoing retaliation for filing civil suit, physical abuse by C/O Lona, tore up cell for filing grievance, false charges; C/O Todd Drake had him (a black inmate) removed to cell with a white inmate in an attempt to cause a racial assault; C/O bragged to white inmates about setting him up.

226. 2 letters to NV politicians Mumford and Parks (2-25-2013) plus a list of signatures for an independent Ombudsman, grievance (9-13-2013).

225. Affidavit: Officer Mesa breaks rules to provoke a negative response. He kept them locked down four hours longer than he had to, and only finally opened the doors because another officer came on duty, He does not stage for the breakfast meal, just releases them, and if they miss breakfast, they don't eat until dinner, only opens the gate 14 inches, making it difficult for people to pass throuogh, constant picky harrassment in retaliation for filing grievances. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

224. Affidavit: C.o. Pascacio refusing to feed prisoners; c.o.'s refusing to give emergency grievance forms: they are ignored, refused or yelled at. Rodriguez flipped off a prisoner who requested an emergency grievance, random cell searches for filing grievances, inmates who file grievances placed on "do not hire"-list, MUCH more. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

223. Affidavit: Officers Dolzeal, Hammock, Montoya, Homan have threatened to allow inmates to beat him, stab him or kill him if he does not stop writing grievances. Ely State Prison (ESP).

222. Affidavit, letter: Also see 207 - More information on denial of medical care for hard ball on spine. Ely State Prison (ESP).

221. Letters, grievances: His I-file got lost and he is experiencing retaliation for attempting to get some resolution of this situation. He is concerned about identify theft. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

220. Letter: Needs psych meds and treatment for Hep C, of which he has a lot of painful symptoms and he is being denied both. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

219. Chronology, Letter: Richard Adorno is mentally disabled and this chronology outlines all the abuses he has been subjected to. He has been in prison for 29+ years. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

218. Letter, Affidavit: He has serious head injury and needs a wheelchair, but is unable to get one. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

217. Affidavit: Officers refuse to feed Kenny #66134. Ely State Prison (ESP).

216. Affidavit: He has an artificial bladder and is unable to go inside to use the toilet when he needs to; his mail from us was refused at LCC because it was mailed from MI with a LV return address, information about how the grievance process is obstructed by prison officials. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

215. Affidavit: Was told by c.o. Parrotte that if he filed an emergency grievance he would make sure he never got the phone for a legal call. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

214. Affidavit: Denial of HEP C treatment. Ely State Prison (ESP).

213. Affidavit, exhausted Grievance: Discusses restrictions in Protective Segregation at Lovelock Correctional Center: the unequal treatment PC inmates receive at LCC compared to General Population inmates. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

211. Affidavit, letter: Not receiving medical treatment for a torn miniscus. Also, was refused treatment for cataracts and is now blind in one eye. Other serious medical conditions not being treated. Reception Center ("fish tank") and Lovelock CC (LCC) amongst others.

210. Letter, documents: Not getting proper medical treatment for Parkinson's, seizures.

Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC) and Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

209. Letter, Affidavit: Structured living program - C.O. Bennett made prisoners do sexually explicit exercises on their underwear, caseworker made it extremely difficult to report the incident by refusing to give Pierson grievance forms, yelling at him, telling him to talk to his "platoon leader", she intimidated him to prevent him from filing a grievance. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

208. Affidavit, letter: P. was refused the phone to make legal calls by C.O. Silverstein who stated, "You're always snitching on us so you are not getting the phone to tell on staff with your legal calls." This happened several times. Ely State Prison (ESP).

207. Affidavit, letter: P. has a hard ball on his spine and is losing weight; not getting medical tests. Ely State Prison.

206. Letter, Affidavit: Retaliation for sending a letter to warden and Cox with other prisoners. Cell torn up several times, legal work and items missing after IG search. IG was supposed to be investigating the complaints the prisoners made, but instead retaliated against them for voicing complaints. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

205. Letter: Mistreatment of mentally ill prisoners at NNCC. Kept in restraints for days, one prisoner blinded himself by damaging his eyes with his hands. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

204. Affidavit: Denial of doctor ordered medical tests for injured leg, one month of medical documents missing from file. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

203. Letter, kites, disciplinary appeal: False disciplinary charges as retaliation, tampering with mail. Strohmeyer was attacked in the chow hall and sent to the hole. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

202. Letter, grievances, kites with responses: NDOC medical refuses to test Rinier for HEP C because Rinier doesn't have money to pay for the test. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

201. Affidavit: Unable to exhaust grievance process due to threats of punishment, guards taking his property as act of retaliation for assisting another prisoner in writing a grievance, Officer Meranza told Downing, "You shouldn't get involved in matters that don't concern you." and "Do you want to go to the hole?" Provides a list of witnesses. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

200. Affidavit: Prisoner heard officer Jenkins making comments advocating murder of sex offenders. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

199. Affidavit: David Johnson, a former c/o in California outlines numerous violations at LCC, including racism, harrassing cell searches, correctional officer looking at porn on NDOC State Prison computers. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

198. Affidavit: Law library issues at NNCC. His lawsuit never arrived at the court, even though he has the brass slip showing he mailed it. Law library is closed and is now running on a paging system with inexperienced people running it. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

197. Affidavit: Unequal treatment of PC and GP inmates at LCC. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

196. Affidavit: Medical: Problems with diabetic diet, not being given food. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

195. Affidavit, grievances: Hernadez, who does not write English was "assisted" by Senior C/O Marino to write a kite to his caseworker. C/O Marino invented the whole kite, writing sexual and demeaning things, which Hernandez couldn't read, but turned in to his caseworker. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

194. Affidavit: Denial of medical for hard ball on spine, confirmed vertebrae injury and docs refuse x-ray or specialty medical. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

193. Affidavit: Perez stuck his hand out the food slot [in a non-threatening way] and Officer Webb kicked and hit his hand. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

192. Affidavit: Conditions of dining hall at SDCC - bad policy, creating dangerous situations. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

191. Affidavit: Guards abusing his property and verbal harrassment. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

190. Affidavit: During a search guard "fondled genitals." High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

189. Affidavit: Denial of access to law library. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

188. Affidavit: medical - Denial of psych. drugs, lack of testing for Hep C. Ely State Prison (ESP).

187. Affidavit: Food issues. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

186. Affidavit: Food issues, insufficient food, guards taking prisoners' food. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

185. Affidavit: Denial of food, other food issues. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

184. Grievance, Admin. Claim: Physical assault. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

183. Affidavit: Corroborates #182 regarding assault on Jeff Williams. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

182. Affidavit: Possible assault by guards at HDSP against Jeff Williams. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

181. Letter: Sexual assault by guard at High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

180. Affidavit: Law library issues at High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

179. Affidavit: Fritsch is a witness in the shooting of Reginald McDonald. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

178. Affidavit: Gordon is a witness in the shooting of Reginald McDonald. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

177. Letter, Emergency Grievance: Cooling/ventilation system down, medications causing medical problems, no heat risk management plan. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

176. Affidavit, Grievance: Wilson was taken away from view of cameras and assaulted by officers at LCC, retaliation for reporting assault. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

175. Letter, Kites: He was granted parole, eligibility 8/1/12; however, caseworker Ms. Crounk did not send deposit and he is still in prison. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

174. Grievance: Laundry supervisor refused to give chronic care patient a winter coat. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

173. Affidavit: Retaliation, Medical Negligence: Denial of prescribed medical tests and medication, retaliation by doctor: "They won't help you because you file lawsuits." Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

172. Affidavit: psychological and physical torture: Regarding Mr. Green in cell 3 and C/O Yates threatening to starve him, telling him he doesn't care if he gets fired or how many grievances Mr. Green writes. C/O Yates taunts Mr. Green constantly with food and attempts to elicit reactions, withholds his food. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

171. Affidavit: Retaliation: in retaliation for providing information regarding Daniel Porter being set up by C/O Mesa, all his property was destroyed. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

170. Affidavit: C/O Starling, while making fun of Norton's deafness, broke his hearing aid. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

169. Affidavit: Medical issues: no ambulatory aid in violation of court order, denial of medical care for fluid leaking out of eardrums and other issues, abusive use of restraints, denial of medical diet, physical abuse by Dozeal and others. Ely State Prison (ESP).

168. Affidavit: Unequal treatment of PC and GP inmates at LCC.

167. Affidavit Medical issues: suffered a torn miniscus and was refused medical care and other prisoners were forbidden from bringing food to him. Also witnessed many denials of medical treatment to other prisoners, which he describes. High Desert State Prison (HDSP), Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

166. Affidavit: prescribed wrong medication, which caused blackouts, dizziness, no flat yard and total disability due to hip replacements (classified by military as totally disabled); also gives info about witnessing inmates refused treatment and forced to walk up and down stairs with broken limbs, going into convulsions and more. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

165. Affidavit: Religious discrimination. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

164. Affidavit: Religious discrimination. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

163. Affidavit: Religious discrimination including denial of religious diet meals. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

162. Affidavit: Religious discrimination. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

161. Affidavit: Religious discrimination. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

160. Affidavit: Religious discrimination. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

159. Affidavit: Religious discrimination. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

158. Affidavit: Religious discrimination, coercion to convert to Christianity. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

157. Affidavit: Religious discrimination, coercion to convert to Christianity. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

156. Affidavit: Denial of access to religious rights. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

155. Affidavit: Denial of diabetic diet meals. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

154. Affidavit: Refusal to fill tooth, pulled instead, cellie couldn't get medicine for painful constipation for months. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

153. Affidavit: Cessation of psych meds w/o medical authorization; denial of glasses, dental care for prolonged period of time. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

152. Affidavit: Retaliatory disciplinaries, searches for complaints, confiscation of legal work for complaints about food. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

151. Affidavit: Retaliatory transfer from LCC to HDSP for use of grievance, courts. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

150. Affidavit: Retaliatory transfers for grieving religious issues. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC).

149. Affidavit: Retaliatory transfer from LCC to HDSP. Staff tampering with mail. Retaliation for complaint to IRS abou tmissing cheque. Legal Mail tampering - c/o Smith, Ms Sparks. Lovelock Correctional Center.

148. Affidavit: about a law library incident. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

147. Affidavit, grievance: Threat of shooting for resisting dangerous housing assignment, retailiation. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

146. Affidavit: Retaliation for grievance re Law Library. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

145. Affidavit: Corroborates Porter, Doc. #142. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

144. Affidavit: Corroborates Porter, Doc. #142. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

143. Affidavit: Corroborates Porter, Doc. #142. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

142. Affidavit: Retaliation for using grievance procedure: false charges, staff inciting violence. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

141. Affidavit: harrassment, violence, threats of violence due to nature of crime. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

140. Affidavit: Refusal to put in protective seg when life is in danger, retaliation for contact with news media. Ely State Prison.

139. Affidavit: Retaliation for filing grievance, loss of job, false charges. Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

138. Letter, grievances: Retaliation for grievances, interference with grievance procedure. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

137. Sworn Statement: Corroborates #134 Jackson retaliation. Ely State Prison.

136. Sworn Statement: Corroborates #134 Jackson retaliation. Ely State Prison.

135. Sworn Statement: Corroborates #134 Jackson retaliation. Ely State Prison.

134. Affidavit, grievance: Denial of food as retaliation for grievance. Ely State Prison.

133. Letter: Denial of medical, retaliation by doctor for grievance. Ely State Prison.

132. Affidavit by Cox. Michael-Steve #40295 dated 8-22-2012, concerning Ely State Prison sexual harrassment, threats, retaliation of 62 year old disabled prisoner by SCO Ramsey et al.

131. Affidavit by Burgess, Marshall #69217 re. Abuse by staff, retaliation, illegal misconduct, harassment verbal, and mail harassment (theft of legal and personal mail. Labeling the person. Putting his safety in danger. Extreme psychological torture. Ongoing retaliation by inmates.
Ely State Prison, 2011. Officers Godoy, Pecter, Outhen, Sr Zamara, Sr Little, Sr Crossman.

130. Affidavit, grievance by Roberts, Thomas #86041 about Sexual assault, retaliation, falsifying charges at on 5-21-2011. Incident happened at Lovelock Corr. Center and he was transferred to High Desert State Prison and put in protective custody instead of being helped.

129. Physical abuse, retaliation for grievance by/for Daniel Porter at SDCC. Letter signed by several prisoners on the conduct of officer Mesa. (Duke, David #1016413 et al.)

128. Tragale, Philip 62163 - Civil Complaint about Physical abuse, falsifying reports at Warm Springs Corr. Center.

127. Heath, Franklin #49823 - Denial of adequate medical care for HEP C: Affidavit about the denial for testing, diagnosis and treatment of Hep-C by NDOC at High Desert State Prison (HDSP). Dr Romeo Aranas denied tests for Hep-C for 3 years.

126. Yeager, Russell #14680: Affidavit: Retaliation for assisting prisoner with legal work. Date of incident: 9-6-2012. Location: High Desert State Prison (HDSP), Indian Springs, NV.

125. McCabe, Dennis #15342: Denial of medical care for spinal stenosis, retaliation at Ely State Prison: civil lawsuit. Dates of incidents: 09-11-2008, 03-6-2009, 03-10-2010.

124. Letter and civil petition for guardianship by Tragale, Philip (Lipari) #62163, NNCC. Tragale provides documents he has filed with the court regarding a mentally ill and blind prisoner, Daniel Stenner, who is unable to care for himself, and who is being abused by officers.

123. Paduari, Naftali # 1048444: Affidavit about forced celling up with gang member by ex-gangmember at HDSP. In spite of being a gang drop out and PS inmate, Paduari was housed with a gang member who beat him severely. The prison had to drive him to the hospital. He had pleaded not to be placed in the cell with the gang member, but his pleas went unheeded.

122. Affidavits of Troy Payne #80044 at High Desert State Prison (HDSP), NV. Confidential medical information was exposed by staff, which led to his having to be housed in PSU, he has to share nail clippers with other prisoners, even though his condition can be spread by blood. This causes animosity from other inmates toward Payne, as well as putting those inmates' health at risk. Also, religious discrimination (Jewish) Payne was retaliated in a full class meeting for writing grievances.

121. Letter and Affidavit of Reginald McDonald #87239 from Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC), concerning medical and emergency medical grievances being not taken seriously by Dr Scott and medical staff Also, corr .officer Allen comments about the grievances Reginald McDonald has filed against another c/o, Olivas, telling McDonald that c/o Olivas is his friend from childhood. Retaliation by guards for grievance on shooting incident (SEE doc. 105).

120. Heath, Franklin #49823: Letter to NV Cure dated June 4th 2012 concerning Medical denial of care for Hep-C at High Desert State Prison (HDSP), NV.

119. document missing.

118. George Tyrone Dunlap #90083 letter and grievances concerning sexual abuse at High Desert State Prison by correctional officers. Date of incident 16 Feb. 2012.

117.[not posted due to names, email addresses, medical confidentiality].

116. [confidential: no affidavit]

115. Affidavits of Lawrence Evans #40457, James Conroy #1065989, Brian Belford #1071922, Todd Schwarting #1074513, Victor Patton #46760, Albert William #1065484, Randy Dunn #1067541, Nicholas Medina #1065160, Richard Burrows #55698, Alfred Catalani #49616, Joseph Blake #62963, Jesse R. Gutierrez #1070452, Steven Delosh #67665, James M. Reese #13508.

14 prisoners, including Evans were shot without provocation at High Desert State Prison (HDSP). Date of incident: January 28th, 2012.

114. David Casper #65117 Civil Rights Complaint (undated). Casper is being held indefinitely since Oct. 28, 2010 in a modified cell in the infirmary at Ely State Prison, that has been painted orange. David Casper has been without shoes for well over a year, which has caused severe pain in his feet. He has been denied cleaning supplies, hygiene, reading materials, clothing.

113. Affidavit of Kevin Osborne #61168 incarcerated in Ely State Prison. During a cell extraction, Osborne was beaten and battered with the electric shield. His cell mate was also beaten and dragged out of the cell where he continued to be beaten. Five officers piled on top of Osborne beating him and kneeing him in the chest, stomach and scrotum. He was denied water to decontaminate and there was an order by the warden for no shower, no water so he could " think about his mistakes".

Date of incident: Feb. 16th, 2006. Affidavit dated Nov. 11th, 2011.

112. Affidavit, civil case 3:10-cv-00615-RCJ-VPC: Jacob Ramie Pratt #88813, about an incident at Ely State Prison, dated January 31st 2010: Pratt watched for several hours as prisoners were taken to the unit 3/4 hallway and assaulted.

Pratt flooded his toilet to get the attention of the Lt to report the assaults, but didn't know that the assaults were taking place under orders of the Lt. In retaliation, he was assaulted with chemical agent. Lt Minnix told officer Perkins to make sure the video camera was shut off. Officers then rushed into Pratt's cell and shocked him and punched him in the face.

His nose was broken, lips swollen and teeth loosened. His head was slammed repeatedly into the wall and the ground and he was returned to his cell with a leash attached to his neck, which was yanked through the food slot by officers. He was not allowed to decontaminate. Affidavit is dated January 9th, 2011.

111. Doc. 111, 111-A, 111-B: Affidavit of Christopher Gonzalez #95595 confined at ElyState Prison. He was assaulted with chemical agent at least four times in 30-45 minutes until the officers noticed he wasn't able to breathe and restrained him and dragged him out of his cell. Date of incident: 2 January 2010.

Doc. 111-A: Affidavit about incident on March 14th, 2011: Mr Gonzalez #95595 was spitting blood from smoke inhalation; was taken to medical and they gave him no treatment.
Doc. 111-B: Affidavit about incident dated January 31st, 2010: Mr. Gonzales witnessed a team of officers assault at least 10 men who were not resisting and/or already restrained after the officers called the prisoners 'bitches' and invited them to fight. Location: Ely State Prison.

110. Affidavit of Philip Ashdown #88346 concerning retaliation, false and inaccurate information given to parole board, destruction and theft of his property; retaliation; deliberate indifference to medical needs; date of aff.: 3/14/2012. Prison of complaint: Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

109. Letter by Reginald McDonald of 3-12-2012, who was then a prisoner at Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC). He was assaulted in other prisons (Lovelock CC amongst others) by gang members and shot many times; he is being denied medical care for the gun shot wounds which include loss of vision, punctured lung, damaged trachea, numbness and paralyzed mouth.

108. Letter and documents by Hugo Aparicio at Ely State Prison (4-29-2012) about the medical staff refusing to act upon his medical emergency grievances regarding a wisdomtooth. On March 14, 2012, on the day of the A.C.L.U. visit to Ely State Prison and its infirmary, where Aparicio was housed then, he was retaliated against by correctional officers in the form of a “notice of charges”, because he tried to talk to ACLU staff who were visiting the ESP infirmary.

107. Affidavit by Raymond Watison of 4/19/12, concerning a threat by a correctional officer at Ely State Prison (ESP). Officer David Godoy turned all lights off on the tier and told Watison to come out of his cell, when he did Godoy trained a .12 gauge shotgun on him. Godoy has previously made death threats against Watison (See doc. 96).

106. Letter regarding one death and two people near death from lack of medical care: Bradley Steckman (1049257) asked for medical care for 30 days and finally collapsed and died at 40 years old. Brian Kincaid and Sean Dutree are also hospitalized near death.

105. Affidavit of Cleveland Robinson about an incident of abuse of power in Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC), Nevada.

105a. Complaint of Cleveland Robinson (#49287) to the court against Sgt Griggs (Southern Desert Correctional Center SDCC) for refusing plaintiff his requested witnesses. Date of incident: July 19th 2011.

105a. Affidavit of Joshua R. Sandobal on behalf of Cleveland Robinson (see 105) concerning the incident at NNCC with Cleveland Robinson, corroborating Robinson's allegations.

104. C/O Wilson repeatedly slammed prisoner David Holland’s face into the wall causing injury. Incident happened on 3rd of April 2012, at Unit 12A of Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC). (affidavits by Frank DePetro and Tony Bishop also supplied - SEE 104-A and 104-B Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC), Nevada.

103. Letter by George Tyrone Dunlap alleging sexual assault on prisoners in retaliation, by officers at High Desert State Prison, Nevada. Grievances by prisoner attached. Date of incident: Feb. 16, 2012.

102. Documents by Russell Yaeger concerning that he was granted parole, yet he remains in prison. Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC), Nevada.

101. Affidavit of John Townsend concerning an assault by c/o's on him while he was handcuffed. Attack happened in Ely State Prison. Later on, c/o Godoy obstructed access to courts, law library. Affidavit was written on 31 Jan. 2012.

100. Letter, affidavit, by Lausteveion Johnson #82138, concerning an assault on him by c/o tr. officer A. Nguyen at HDSP, both on the yard (which was caught on camera) and later in his cell by c/o. G. Holliday. Date of incident: January 1st 2012. He was, amongst others, hit at the jaw while in handcuffs. Instead of the officers being investigated for their behavior, he was accused of assaulting Nguyen, who started assaulting him.
Later he was transferred to ESP in retaliation. SEE document 77.

99. Affidavit and letter by Philip Tragale (Lipari) #62163, concerning Assault against Tragale by NNCC officers and wanting to expose the continued practice of inmate abuse by sadistic correctional staff at Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC), a major medical facility.

Affidavit concerns an incident dated Feb. 26th 2012, alleging assault, bullying, battery, and unprofessional and unethical behavior towards the affiant.

98. Grievance letter concerning that he is unable to urinate on demand for drug test; therefore, drug testing policy is unfair. He was written up for failure to provide urine. HDSP, Date: June 27, 2010. High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

97. Affidavit by prisoner Oswaldo Lopez #57263, about an assault on him by officers at HDSP, that happened on Sept.14th, 2011. retaliatory transfer to ESP. SEE document 84, 84a.

96. Letter and affidavits dated March 23rd 2012, concerning assault by Officer Godoy at ESP, threats by caseworker to place Watison in a cell of "a lifer with a sexual history". Officer threatened him not to go to sleep, repeatedly popping open his door. Ely State Prison (ESP).

95. Letter from prisoner Chris Jones #50600, dated Jan. 6th 2012, concerning inadequate number of calories, food.

94. Letter from Nathaniel Johnson, #1012353, prisoner at HDSP (dated Jan. 18th 2012): he describes he was assaulted by Officer Ingram at HDSP, it was witnessed by 100 inmates. He believes it is because of racism. Date of incident: January 12th 2012.

93. Inginio Hernandez #59072: Affidavit of staff abuse.
Ely State Prison Unit 4B c/o’s Malay, Rigney, Rowley shackled and handcuffed prisoner Inginio Hernandez and left him in the shower for hours. He was not able to stand up so they put water on him and left him again in the shower. He was in pain and his feet were numb. He called officers and they told him to f* off. Date of incident: Dec. 3rd 2011.

92. Concerns U.S. District Court Complaint 3:08-cv-363-LRH-RAM: Retaliation complaint settled in favor of Plaintiff. Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).

91. Amadeo Sanchez, incarcerated at Ely State Prison (ESP), made a report on a guard who regularly comes to work drunk. In retaliation, he was beaten by two guards, his wrist was fractured. Additionally, Dr. Koehn touches him in "weird ways" and asks to see his penis when he examines his wrist. He has 13 Affidavits from witnesses who saw the attack.

90. Michael Steven Cox: Denial of ambulatory aid (in violation of court order), at Ely State Prison (ESP), Unit 3. Grievance dated January 24th 2012.

89. Article about an incident at Ely State Prison (August 3rd, 2011): Unit 4A Officers Remmington and Godoy assaulted a prisoner. Author describes the resulting rebellion and retaliation including false Notice of Charge (NOC) (89a).

88. Affidavit by William A. Schultz, incarcerated at Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

Physically assaulted by C/O Phelps (Phillips?) Schultz filed an emergency grievance which was denied, and he was assaulted again the next day by the same officer, broken rib. Date of abuse: August 10th 2011.

87. Affidavit by David Duke, in regards to MEEKS and CYR (See Documents 5, 50, 80, 81, 86). Location: Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC).

86. Letter and Affidavit of Reginald Howard: re MEEKS (SEE document 5, 50, 80, 81). Southern Desert Correctiona Center (SDCC).Officers Colburn, Wolf, Sanchez dragged Meeks across the rocks on his back in handcuffs, they picked him up above their shoulders and threw him in the back of a cart. The same day Inmate Tracy Warren (76009) was with Officer Christianson and warren had Meeks' paperwork with details of his case. Warren stated in front of Christianson and Howard that he was the one who rolled up Meeks' property.

85. Letter and Affidavit by Jadie Hall, dated January 26th 2012, concerning an incident at Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC). Hall was physically assaulted by Guard Randy Colfield; he was then retaliated against for filing a grievance and a false Notice of Charges (NOC) was filed against him. Date of incident December 15th and 21st of 2010.

84. Letter and Affidavit by Paul Rechtenwald, concerning an incident at High Desert State Prison (HDSP) involving Oswaldo Lopez (57263), a mentally challenged inmate, who was assaulted by Officer Hensel and Sr. Officer Menendez; Lopez was put in ad seg pending investigation by the IG. He may have been transferred to ESP on 2/15.

84a. Letter (of Dec. 22nd 2011) and Documents by Paul Rechtenwald, concerning an incident at High Desert State Prison (HDSP) involving Oswaldo Lopez (57263), a mentally challenged inmate, who was allegedly assaulted on Sept. 14th 2011 by several Correctional Officers, Sr. Officer Menendez is being mentioned by name; Lopez was put in ad seg pending investigation by the IG.

Also: Oswaldo Lopez can not make legal calls due to his telephone somehow being blocked to do so.

82. Letter and package sent to the IG by Lawrence Wilgus, who was incarcerated at HCC and later at NNCC. In retaliation, after false claims made by Mr Suwe, the Administrator of HCC Camp, camp officers dislocated his shoulder, tendons, muscles and rotator cuff torn. He now needs 2 surgeries. Now on the streets: See document for address and phone number.

82a. Civil Lawsuit of Lawrence Wilge v. Steve Suwe et al. concerning assaults in retaliation. Date of incidents: July 18, 28th and August 8th, 2011. In retaliation, after false claims made by Mr Suwe, the Administrator of HCC Camp, camp officers dislocated his shoulder, tendons, muscles and rotator cuff torn. He now needs 2 surgeries. Now on the streets: See document for address and phone number.

81. Affidavit of Christopher L. Cyr, who was assaulted by staff at SDCC in retaliation for a comment they thought he made against C/O Christianson, Officers Sanchez, Blake, Christianson. Incident involved retaliation, assaults by officers on the affiant, a prisoner at Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC), on Sept. 19th2011. Affidavit was written and signed on Jan. 11th, 2012.

80. Affidavit of Levenral D. Polk, incarcerated in Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC). Polk provides information regarding an incident involving prisoner Meeks. (See document 5, 50, 81, 86, 87). Officers Bloomfield and Singer were present, but Mr Polk doesn't know the name of officer that made an effort to tell him that Meeks was alleged to be in for a certain charge. Affidavit dates from January 10th 2012.

79. Letter of John Collwell, incarcerated at Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC), Nevada, who has loss of vision in right eye due to untreated cataract, and the State ‘s response (NDOC) was: it is only one eye. Was at Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC ) in 2009 where he received notices of charge for the first time since 19 years, and officers took many appliances from him. He further mentions several officers who are known to be abusers of physical, mental and emotional abuse at NNCC. This is supposed to be the prison where people go to who have medical issues. Letter dated January 19th, 2012.

78. Letter, documents and Affidavit of Antonio Spina, dated January 15th 2012, concerning Medical issues: Mr Spina is 70 years of age, he receives no treatment for glaucoma that he suffers from: he needs eye drops that they will not give him, and Mr Spina does not receive a diabetic diet, and the (carbohydrate) diet given him, in which he has no choice, is going to cause serious medical problems in the near future. There have been no reactions of medical director Bruce Bannister, nor has John Peery, director of nursing been responding at all to the calls for medical care, according to Mr Spina.

78a. Letter of Antonio Spina to NV Cure regarding glaucoma and diabetes. Date: Feb. 13th, 2012. Mr Spina is incarcerated in Northern Nevada Correctional Center, where there is no care for diabetes that prevents future diabetic complications. Also, he suffers from glaucoma and cataracts in his eyes and there is no medical care for these eye diseases.

77. Letter by Laustevion Johnson concerning insulting words, religious discrimination and threatening behavior as well as physical assault by staff at High Desert State Prison (HDSP) to him on 12/30/2011 and while intending to file a grievance about this on 1/1/2012.

76. Affidavit of David Lee George, about an incident of staff assault on him inside Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC). The incident took place on June 22nd 2011.

75. Letter and Affidavit, incl documents of Kevin Almy concerning Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC) where he suffered multiple physical assauts by staff, threats at gunpoint, 17 bed moves, various other abuses, false charges and retaliatory harassment. This all happened after he had filed a grievance. Before that he had served four years without any write-up.

74. Letter about religious discrimination and retaliation against its writer Rashid Hunter, inside Southern Desert State Prison (SDCC). Dated 12th January 2012.

73. Stanley W. Brooks v. Northern Nevada Correctional Center for refusing him insulin as a diabetic. Mr. Brooks went blind from not receiving insulin. This is the court case. Northern Nevada Correctional Center.

72. Amadeo Sanchez discusses abuse incidents in Ely State Prison, Nevada, incl his affidavit. Discusses various incidents of abuse including against a mentally ill inmate who was covered in feces, failure to feed, using food and water as punishment or retaliation, providing insufficient portions of food. Also, affidavit regarding Randall Wiideman. Ely State Prison.

71a. Affidavit of Anthony Lewis dated December 7th 2011, concerning his grievances of assault, battery, harassment, sexual harassment, excessive force, slander, assault. Anthony Lewis is a prisoner at Ely State Prison and he is in a wheelchair.

71b. Grievances from Anthony Lewis concerning amongst others lack of providing adequate cell for him as a wheelchair user and also because he suffered mild seizures. Grievances from 2010 and 2011, starting with Lovelock Correctional Center and continuing later in Ely State Prison.

71c. Grievances from 2010 and 2011, of Anthony Lewis dating in 2011, concerning incidents in Ely State Prison with officers, for example the grievant says an officer urinated in the shower just before he arrived to have a shower, saying “I left you something.” Grievant is in a wheelchair. Another incident concerned an officer named R. who scattered all the papers of the lawsuit the grievant had around the cell.

71d. Grievances of Anthony Lewis from 2011 in Ely State Prison concerning medical requests and legal phone calls.

71e. Grievances of Anthony Lewis at Ely State Prison unit 1a dating from May 2011, concerning threats officer Bybee made to him several times, that "they" were going to kill the prisoner. Also grievances about the portions of food promised but not given.

71f. Anthony Lewis grievances - Ely State Prison 2011. Grievances of Anthony Lewis, a wheelchair-bound prisoner at Ely State Prison, who complains about the armrest of his wheelchair not being sent over from Lovelock C.C. to ESP, as well as continuing harassment by officer Bybee. Dated April-May 2011.

71g. Grievances by Anthony Lewis at Ely State Prison concerning staff abuses.

71.h Grievances and appeals to disciplinary action from Anthony Lewis at Ely State Prison dated 2011.

71i. Grievances by Anthony Lewis about treatment and threats in Lovelock CC, Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC) and Ely State Prison, 2011.

70. Multiple affidavits concerning the (lack of) Medical Care for Randall Wiidemann, October 21st, 22nd, 2011 and who passed away on Oct. 23rd, and Mr Amadeo Sanchez at Ely State Prison in what seem highly likely to be acts of retaliation.

66-66a. Affidavit of Anthony Cross dated January 2nd 2012, concerning an incident at Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC) dated November 29th 2011, in which the affiant had a heated discussion with a c/o about a food tray and later the same c/o wrote the affiant up, thereby making the affiant look bad; when asked why this was, the c/o responded: “The conqueror writes history. Your write-up is whatever I say it is. I thought you Black guys knew that already.” More heated discussion followed and later on when yard time was announced in a way that was inaudible for affiant and his neighbor, affiant was attacked by this same c/o and a few others in the corridor. Making it an attack on him by several of the biggest c/o’s who were on duty that day.See additional affidavit: doc 66b.

65. Letter from Curtis Downing from Southern Desert Correctional Center, dated Dec. 18th 2011, that he knows others who have civil lawsuits following staff to inmate abuses, but he himself has not suffered this, but he does face retaliation for helping to file lawsuits of others. He wrote it is not easy to encourage others to write down the abuses because everyone is afraid of retaliation.

64. Letter from Kevin Davis dated December 22nd 2011, about the Grievance system in Nevada's prisons not working (in contrast to what is stated in NDOC's AR 740), and instead of it working, retaliation is often the reply of those against who the Grievance is directed. Complains about this situation at Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC) and High Desert State Prison (HDSP).

64a. Letter by Rodney Davis (November 30th, 2011) with Grievances and Responses about incidents with a retaliatory character from c/o’s. It appears the writer was locked up in solitary confinement / the hole under the pretense to protect him from c/o Christianson, who has threatened him and used retaliation against him, because he witnessed an incident where prisoner Andrew Meeks was assaulted by officers (September 25th, 2011, at Southern Desert Correctional Center). See also: Doc 7.

63. Lawsuit of Jeremiah Clinton (Civil Rights Complaint CF1104018) filed April 19th 2011. Concerns verbal and physical abuse and violence against Mr Clinton who was allegedly in full restraints and who did not resist. Mr Clinton was slammed down to the ground by correctional officers Herring and Jones, causing a wound on his eyebrow/forehead that was bleeding heavily. He had to be taken to an outside hospital for stitches. After this he was transferred to Nevada State Prison, where he was interviewed by the Inspector of prisons and two FBI agents about this incident that took place on 16th of November 2009.

63a. Letter from Jeremiah Clinton dated December 1st 2009, concerning the incident that took place on November 16th 2009 at Ely State Prison, where he was assaulted by two correctional officers while he was in full restraints and not resisting (see document 63, which is Civil Rights Complaint CF1104018).

62. Letter from David Springfield of High Desert State Prison infirmary concerning a medical error/neglect/abuse by a nurse at Ely State Prison, who gave him the wrong medication, causing him to collapse and hit his head, delivering him unconscious. No compensation was ever given to him following this incident. Complaint was of 10/23/2011.

61. Letter and Affidavit with Grievance from Benjamin Ashley Shirley, incarcerated at Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC). Dated December 8th 2011. Concerns medical neglect: the medically prescribed painkillers for serious back injuries were taken from him at arrival in the NDOC prison system. There is no medical doctor, only nurses, and they only have an aspirin.

60. Letter and Affidavit from David Hooper, dated December 13th, 2011, from Ely State Prison. Concerns the riot that was started after one mentally ill prisoner had not been fed by staff, and his cell was searched and his possessions seized, on 31 January 2010. Also concerns other abuses by staff, for instance the alleged murder of Timothy Redman.

59-59A. List of excessive force against an Indian housed in the medical intermediate care (MIC) Unit 3 at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. Written by Kevin Pope on Dec. 10th 2011, accompanied by an Affidavit of Roy Hauserman (doc. 59A), dated Dec. 6th 2011. Concerns staff abuses against a man who is suffering from cancer and HIV.

Hauserman is a gay man with HIV who discussed discrimination against gay men and those with HIV. Earlier In the year he had a near fatal bout of colon cancer, suffered constant pain for six months before receiving proper care. His affidavit is not detailed enough; asked him to submit a more detailed affidavit describing abuse.

58. Witness Testimony of Kevin Osborne, at Ely State Prison, about extreme physical and psychological abuses that were inflicted upon a mentally ill prisoner, Robert Harris, by correctional officers in the latter half of 2010. Written on January 7th 2012.

Osborne witnessed the physical and psychological abuse of a mentally ill prisoner, Robert Harris inflicted by Coleman, Bruffy, Dolzeal, Marshall. Harris became disruptive, as many mentally ill prisoners do when held on lockdown for so long. The officers provoked Harris into rages so he would disrupt those around him. The officers use the "deranged and undesirables" to pound on walls and keep those around them without sleep. Throughout the day and night, officers would wake up Harris by banging and kicking on his door, they used racial slurs, bang on his speaker and scream into it. When Harris would curse and call them names in reaction, they would refuse to feed him.

Witholding of food at ESP is a common punishment. He must beg forgiveness and if he doesn't they shut off his water.

Once, after three days of no food or water, Harris was covered with his own excrement and begging for help. Harris refused a "shot" and CERT sprayed him and CERT entered his cell. Harris was then beaten by CERT officers. Harris was heard telling the nurse, "I said I was sorry and I was hungry" and the nurse told him "You sould be, it's not nice, is it?"

57. Sworn Statement by Kevin Osborne: he relates details of the death of Tim Redman at ESP, he watched them starve a man for three days until he covered himself in his own excrement and begged for food: c/o Coleman, Remington, Dolzeal, Wagner, Rowley, Hoarsley, Drummond, Fikes, Bryant are the main abusers and antagonizers.

They are burning books, there has been retaliation against prisoners who have talked to or provided information to NV-CURE, Also discusses double-celling and how they put nonviolet offenders from camp in with guys serving three lifes wihout who have nothing to lose. Says he will send more documents.

56. Affidavit and grievances of Damon Campbell from Ely State Prison, stamped as dated dec. 10th 2011.

Grievances include a physical assault in which Mr Campbell nearly was killed at High Desert State Prison by officers on Aug. 17th 2010, as well as retaliation after this attack by officers. Also grievances about food deprivation at Ely State Prison and Northern Nevada Correctional Center, refusal of medical care to affiant from January to June 2011 at NNCC, and harassment by 3 officers of affiant, for writing grievances.

Officers Colin Brown, Manuel Portillo, Officer Sellers, Officer Giancola and Officer Naylor physically assaulted Campbell nearly killing him by asphysixiation at HDSP. He failed to receive proper medical treatment after the attack.

55. Affidavit of Charles Hill at Northern Nevada Correctional Center, concerning his diabetes treatment: as a patient he was not informed of the risks involved when diabetes is not well treated, and he has developed insulin-dependent diabetes, yet he gets no care for his eyes (?). Other prisoners mentioned in his affidavit suffer the same fate as he: no good care for diabetic patients at RMF or other NDOC facilities, which will lead to serious complications of health, like diabetic retinopathy. Affidavit dated December 16th 2011.

54. Letter by Richard Capri from Northern Nevada Correctional Center, concerning the medical costs at the Regional medical Center, dated October 7th 2011. Medical Department at RMF (NNCC) are charging $8 per visit for chronic conditions, which according to AR are not subject to a charge for each visit.

53. Letter with informal grievance of Kevin D. Pope at Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC) also on behalf of William Fodor, and a Notice by Sabin G. Barendt directed to Sen. Harry Reid and others concerning the Jewish Kosher meals and the tampering with this religious right.
Pope witnessed c/o Estes take two loaves of "Jewish bread" from Prisoner Sabin and put him against the wall in handcuffs, grievance from Inmate Fodor regarding Kosher inmates not being fed because they are taken to the chow hall late. If they get there late, they are refused their Kosher meals, Letter to Harry Reid from Sabin Gregory Barent alleges varsious violations against Jewish prisoners such as not allowing them to pray, light candles at the appropriate times. Untrained non-Jewish persons are not supposed to prepare Kosher meals, they are using mainline utensils which renders the Kosher food items "defiled".

52. Letter, Affidavit and Civil Lawsuits of Michael-Steve Cox at Ely State Prison. He is a 61 year old disabled prisoner and has endured many abuses, including medical abuses, by staff since 1997. He mentions the case of Patrick Cavanaugh who was denied insulin and who died of the effects of this, to which his estate was awarded a large sum of money, and he mentions the alleged complicity of former warden and now deputy director of NDOC in this, E.K. McDaniel. Letter and affidavit are dated 7th of December 2011.

51. The civil lawsuit of Russell Yaeger Case nr 3:11-cv-00515-LRH-VPC.
All his religious property was confiscated and not returned.

51a. Letter of Russell Yaeger from Lovelock C.C. dated Nov. 30th 2011 concerning a civil lawsuit and concerning mandatory parole which he is eligible for.

50. Affidavit of Andrew L. Meeks II, dated Nov. 23rd 2011, about an unprovoked attack on him by five correctional officers (named: Coburn, Singer, Bloomsfield, Wolf and Troutman) in Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC), Indian Springs, NV. Also about refusal to accept more grievances on this issue by AW/Grievance coordinator Burson. The Investigator General was supposed to be sent to investigate (following his letter to Director Cox) but never came. The attack took place on September 25th, 2011 at SDCC.

Meeks was assaulted by five white guards who called him "nigger ..."; "black motherfucker"; and other names as they stomped him, kicked him and stepped on his back, neck and head. Guards also disseminated information regarding Meeks' crime, producing documents for the other prisoners to review. During the assault, one of the guards stated, "This is the crybaby who likes putting paperwork on officers." (referring to filing grievances).

49. Letter and Affidavit from Frank Peck at High Desert State Prison, Indian Springs, NV, concerning unprovoked violence against inmates by staff. Written on Dec. 26th, 2011.

In the past six months, Peck has witnessed an attack by guards on someone called Luny, an attack by guards on an elderly man Claude Means, a mentally challenged inmate Oswaldo Lopez and has witnessed an inmate handcuffed face down in the lower staff office while a guard screamed, "I would like nothing more than to blow the fucking head off a chomo." He has also witnessed numerous threats by guards using 12 guage shotguns.

48. Letter from Rodney Davis in Southern Desert State Correctional Center (SDCC), Indian Springs, NV, about retaliation from correctional officers after he had filed a complaint about officer misconduct against a prisoner.

Witness intimidation and Prison Administrative Misconduct: he was sent to the hole without having done anything to be sent there. Letter written on Dec. 17th 2011, his 77th day in the hole (ad. seg.).

Davis witnessed staff misconduct against Andrew Meeks (See Document 5)and reported the incident. C/O Christianson threatened him and retaliated against him. He has been 77 days in ad seg waiting to be transferred to another prison as retaliation.

47. Letter from Richard Capri at R.M.F. concerning medical costs at the Regional Medical Center (N.N.C.C.):

He writes about a man who was insulin-dependent when entering prison and whose insulin was taken away.

Within some time he was legally blind due to the withholding of insulin.
Overcharging for medical - $8 for each visit for the same issue. Also, Capri talks about prisoner Stanley Brooks (now released) who went blind from being denied insulin.

46. Letter and affidavit of Steven Halverson in Ely State Prison concerning an unprovoked attack of two correctional officers on a prisoner in shackles. Letter is dated December 23rd 2011, the incident happened on 21st of December 2011 in unit 4A involving c/o’s Adams and Bruffy, after Amadeo Sanches had visited the Inspector General’s office for another alleged incident involving c.o. Coleman. This attack seemed retaliatory because of the visit to the I.G. Halverson witnessed as Amadeo Sanchez was being escorted back to his cell after a meeting with the IG by C/O's Adams and Bruffy. They grabbed Sanchez around the neck and slammed his head repeatedly to the ground (Sanchez was cuffed). C/O Adams was digging his knee into Sanchez's back while yelling at him to quit resisting, which he was not doing.

45. Letter, affidavit, grievance from Jammie Jackson dated 26th December 2011 concerning an assault on him that occurred on October 13th 2011 at High Desert State Prison, Indian Springs, NV, and the retaliation after trying to file this grievance.

Transportation Officer Diaz, C/O Sanchez, C/O Nielson and two other officers beat him and dragged him to a cage near the shower where they slammed him head first in the shower. He was told to "shut up nigger" and threatened that they would break every bone in his body. His head was injured and he was bleeding and he was refused medical treatment.

44. Criminal Indictment against members of the Aryan Warriors inside Nevada prisons - Case 2:07-cr-00145-KJD-PAL Document 1, filed 07/10/07.

Sealed indictment accuses NDOC staff of working with Aryan Warrior gang members to control the prison population.

43. Article from the SF Bay View by Coyote Sheff, who was incarcerated in Ely State Prison, Nevada, during this riot and who wrote this summary.

Sheff describes the riot of 1/31/10 on unit 4 at ESP. Sheff describes officers, after violently extracting prisoners from their cells "high-fiving" each other in the unit hallway as they described how they punched, stomped or beat a prisoner into submission. Sheff corroborates reports of guards refusing to feed prisoners on unit 4 at ESP and how the riot was their only form of recourse since kites had been thrown away and the grievnce process was not taken seriously by staff. Staff have assaulted certain inmates in restraints in retaliaton for using the grievance process.
Sheff describes the rotten food, and describes how attempting to negotiate conditions through the proper channels has only led to retaliation. Sheff states that every single prisoner involved in the january 31 uprising was brutally beaten, and that this led to the firiing of of a Lt. and an officer. Sheff discusses the lack of education and vocational programming.

Officers on unit 4 deliberately provoke prisoners. Every guard on the extraction teams sustained some type of injury.

One guard was allegedly stabbed during a cell extraction. The guards finally gave up and refused to run into cells anymore.

42. Marrio Moreland: Grievances and civil lawsuit following staff assault and sexual discrimination. Assault and demeaning remarks happened on January 7th 2010. Defendants are Lt. Wiley, B. Flom and c/o Mason, at Northern Nevada Correctional center (NNCC).

Moreland is a mental health patient. He was assaulted while being escorted to the shower in full restraints. Information regarding his crime was disseminated by officers. In retaliation for seeking medical care, Moreland was threatened with a write-up.

41. Letter and grievances of Willie Steve Jackson, concerning a physical attack by staff, and also the taking of his property, occurring on May 5th 2011 and June 9th, 2011, in Southern Desert Correctional Center (SDCC), Indian Springs, Nevada. He still needs medical assistance for the attack and is grieving the incidents. Jackson was assaulted by three officers causing well-documented medical issues.

40. Letter by Lausteveion Johnson dated December 5th 2011 about physical and psychological assaults and abuses he suffered inside High Desert State Prison, Indian Springs, NV, including correctional officers dealing out punishments without interference of a judge, a jury or a process, like withholding him from going to a prayer meeting; smashing his head against a steel door, etc. See also civil lawsuit Lausteveion v Alvarez et al. No 2:11-cv-00484-JCM-CWH.

Officer J. Miller slammed Johnson's head inside a heavy metal cell door at HDSP in retaliation for Johnson's questioning Miller's decision. Johnson was also verbally assaulted by Officer Harms who ordered Johnson to "suck" his "dick" because Johnson refused to remove his Islamic Kuffi when ordered to by Harms. Johnson was denied access to Islamic prayer services because he refused to hold Sgt. Day's "ball sack" as ordered by the sgt.

39. Affidavit dated November 20th 2011 by Kitrich A. Powell with numerous reports of abuse in several prisons in NV, incl physican and psychical abuse. Also mentions the killing of Timothy Redman in Ely State Prison by gassing him with chemicals. Powell is a protective custody inmate on walk alone status. Officer Richey, having prior knowledge of Powell's status, while assigned to Pod 2c-d left his assigned post and doors unsecured. This failure to follow procedures led to Powell being attacked by three inmates. Officer Camdon fired four (4) shots, but failed to shoot Powell's attackers; however Powell was shot in the spine, leg and foot. None of the inmate attackers were shot.

38. Letter by Douglas Scott Potter written in November 28th 2011 with a summary of abuses he has seen, especially mentioning the killing of “Bingo” by being double-celled, and about a young new prisoner with known mental illnesses who were placed inside Unit 4 of Ely State Prison, suffering verbal and physical abuses by staff, incl. withholding of food, starting gossip about asking for help to staff, physical abuse, etc. All units in ESP are run by their own staff and no one of the prisoners knows what happens inside another unit.

Potter describes the "system" by which prisoners are retaliated against by labeled as "snitches" by officers if they report any staff misconduct or file grievances and how gang members are complicit with the staff in keeping this system in tact. Staff let it be known who files grievances against them, so prisoners don't file grievances for their own safety.

Potter describes the denial of food as punishment and how gang members, including Potter, participated in the encouraging staff members to abuse certain prisoners who had been labeled as snitches, rats or sex offenders or the mentally ill who bang on their doors all day. Potter describes a young mentally ill inmate who was on unit 4 at ESP on January 31, 2010 and was denied food by guards, who wrote a kite asking for help and was then subjected to verbal assaults and abuse by staff and gang members together. A sgt has had to come to unit 4 at ESP to investigate allegations of prisoners not being fed and to insure that prisoners were fed on certain shifts where denial of food is a common punishment.

37. Description of an incident on 12-15-2010 in High Desert State Prison, Nevada, where a prisoner was assaulted by an officer throwing bleach in his eye. Also description of a prisoner who killed his cellmate on 12-16-2010.

Prisoner was said to have a history of assaulting cellmates and to have untreated mental illness. Wardell corroborates the report of Officer Mingo throwing bleach on Prisoner Tim Sanders and also reports on the killing of a prisoner by his celly, who has a history of violence and mental issues that are known but have not been dealt with by the prison.

36. Letter from Damien Dennis written and mailed 5-18-10, about an assault from staff on him that happened to him inside Ely State Prison on 1-15-2010, while he was in handcuffs. Dennis was assaulted while restrained by two senior officers (Deeds and Stubbs) at ESP while being observed by Lt. Minnix. Upon being ordered to cuff up, Dennis asked where the camera was, and Minnix pointed to his eyes as if to say his eyes were the camera. Dennis complied, cuffed up and was the victim of the assault by Deeds and Stubbs. Dennis corroborates allegations about the behavior of Lt. Minnix during the incidents of January 31, 2010. Minnix allowed officers to beat prisoners during those incidents.

35. Letter by James Wardell dated May 30th 2010 from High Desert State Prison concerning the conditions inside the prison: report of 3 suicides within the last weeks, permanent lockdown of most units except for 2, lack of hygiene, unprofessional staff, food always cold and not enough to feed a grown man; 2800 inmates locked in their cells 24/7; no cleaning products given to clean own cell; too little soap, tooth paste and toilet paper given out; mail sometimes given 2 weeks later; no accountability. Wardell describes the conditions at HDSP, including the fact that three (3) prisoners on Pod 3-B tried to commit suicide within one month, cell lights being left on for days and officers screaming all night to subject prisoners to sleep deprivation, toilets that turn off when the power breaker flips and it taking days for the water to be turned back on, five gallon buckets being put in front of cell doors to pour in the toilet or to get water to drink, a prisoner being raped.

34. Douglas Scott Potter, exposé about a forced bedmove inside Ely State Prison and its consequences:

“That’s not a bedmove sheet, that’s a death warrant”: A real life look into murder, negligence and callousness at Ely State Prison.

Potter recounts the events that led to the murder of Anthony Beltran at ESP and corroborates other prisoners' reports of the events of January 2010 ("Bloody Sunday") Potter, a violent gang member with a history of assaulting his cellmates, including stabbing a prisoner in the throat, stabbing and beating a cellmate who had to be careflighted for medical care, stabbing a prisoner with a meat carving fork, among other violent acts committed in prison, was housed with Beltran, a sex offender, after assuring the ESP administration that he would use violence against Beltran if the move went forward. The move went forward and Potter murdered Beltran, which is now the source of ongoing litigaiton by the Beltran family.

Published here and here.

33. Affidavit with accompanying letter from David Owens Hooper, incarcerated in Ely State Prison, concerning torture, staff withholding of food from prisoners, the alleged murder of Timothy Redman, and description of the 31 January 2010 "Bloody Sunday" incident / uprising. Affidavit dated December 13th 2011.

Another report that corroborates allegations of prisoners being denied food on unit 4 at ESP. Prisoner Barone was denied food. When Barone was being escorted to medical he was body slammed by CERT officers. This event precipitated the riot on unit 4 at ESP that came to be known as "bloody Sunday".

Blacks and Mexicans were systematically extracted from their cells and assaulted and battered while restrained.

Hooper's narrative corroborates other prisoners' accounts of the events of January, 2010 wherein prisoners had been denied food and were beaten and gassed leaving puddles of blood on the floor of the tier. Hooper alleges that Officer Ramsey has a pattern of denying food to prisoners on unit 4.

32. Letter with a copy of the Civil Rights Complaint of Terry Craig, incarcerated in Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC), dated Nov. 23, 2011. Concerns discrimination, sexual harrassment, hate crimes, torture; shows harrassment of vulnerable person inside a prison where persons with (chronic) illness are kept imprisoned. Verbal assault based on sexual orientation and retaliation for exercising First Amendment rights by informing staff of the misconduct of a guard, he received disciplinary reports which were subsequently overturned and he was told that the disciplinary report was written because a C/O "didn't like him anyway." and that he should quit talking about staff misconduct.

31. Letter and Affidavit from Steven Braunstein about a shooting incident (abuse of prisoners) in Lovelock Correctional Center dated Sept. 15th 2011. Affidavit is dated 6th of December 2011. Braunstein was shot even though he was 30 feet away from a fight. In retaliation for filing a grievance regarding this incident, Braunstein and Prisoner Sandoval were summoned to the caseworker's office and pressured not to proceed with their grievances. Officers Balenger, Lt. Whitman and Officer iarnada were present. When Braunstein continued with the grievance process, Braunstein experienced retaliation in the form of unwarranted searches and physical strip outs.

30. Affidavit by Anthony Marcelli at Northern Nevada Correctional Center, dated December 6th 2011. Concerns multiple mental and physical abuses by correctional officers to prisoners with disabilities and chronic illnesses:

Prisoner John Rush #62211 was assaulted by Officer Mooney in the medical unit at NNCC. The victim has three tumors in his head and a pacemaker; Prisoner Kevin Almy was assaulted at Warm Springs Correctional Center and then transferred to HDSP.

29. Letter from Anthony Wright written on December 2nd 2011, concerning denial of food to prisoners in Ely State Prison in Unit 4, and also that correctional officers in that unit are out of control (for instance they are jumping on prisoners just because they do not like them; also they threw away a phone (a new one) into the trash can and this was later retrieved by a caseworker).

Wright's account corroborates other reports of prisoners being denied food on unit 4 at ESP. Caseworker Weiss was on the unit when prisoners began en masse to bang on doors to get her attention and let her know that they were not being fed and that officers had thrown away a brand new cordless phone, which Ms. Weiss found in the trash. Officers involved are Fikes, Montoya, Remington, Houston.

28. Description of a case of excessive force in Northern Nevada Correctional Center by staff (c.o. Lessard) against Robert Haasse, a blind man who cannot walk and is hard of hearing and 75 years of age, which happened on December 2nd, 2011; also case of same officer assaulting a 66 year old man named James Taylor who is a patient in the intensive care unit, dated December 2nd 2011; accompanying letter by Kevin D. Pope in NNCC, dated December 10th 2011. C/O Lessard physically assaulted Robert Haase, a 75-year-old blind man who can't walkand is hard of hearing and lives in the medical intensive care unit at NNCC. C/O Lessard consistently calls attention to Haase and his crime.

When Haase failed to hear a command from Lessard grabbed Haase and punched him. Taylor intervened on the behalf of Haase by attempting to explain to Lessard that Haase didn't hear him. In retaliation, Lessard threatened to write him up for assaulting an officer and have him shipped off the yard.

27. Letter with Affidavit of Victor Simmons concerning abuse against him after assault in Ely State Prison kitchen he had nothing to do with. Date of letter: November 26th, 2011, date of incident in Affidavit: March 7, 2011. Simmons describes the day he was working in the kitchen at ESP when Steve Roundy was assaulted. Before officers showed up with the video camera to record a planned use of force, Prisoner N. was restrained and repeatedly kicked and punched. Officers removed the video camera several times and put it on officer Steve Roundy who was unconscious and while the video camera was focused on Roundy, officers assaulted Roundy while he was fully restrained.

Because Simmons witnessed the events described above, he was taken by Sgt. Lightsey to the infirmary to be interviewed as a possible suspect in the assault against Steve Roundy. When Simmons protested, Sgt. Lightsey told Simmons he shouldn't have been looking that way (referring to Simmons' witnessing the assault on N.). Simmons was taken to room 11 in the infirmary, placed on his knees while still handcuffed and shackled, was pushed against the wall and punched in his ribs. A guard pushed his face into the wall while Sgt. Lightsey assaulted Simmons and said he better not "say shit" about what he saw in the food service area. He punched Simmons twice in the ribs. CERT members subsequently told Simmons he better keep his mouth shut or he would be next.

26. Letter with Grievance of Damien Dennis concerning the dying and death of a prisoner in his vicinity, who clearly needed to be examined by a doctor, without staff doing anything. Grievance is dated August 12th 2009, the man died on August 11th 2009. Dennis documents the way a prisoner was denied medical care and was dead in the morning.

25. Letter of Damien Dennis concerning assaults that happened on him in Ely State Prison on January 15th 2010 and on June 23, 2011. Letter is dated November 22, 2011. When Dennis filed a grievance relating to the allegations contained in Document 24, he was issued a notice of charges.

24. Affidavit and letter of Damien Dennis, dated November 27th 2011, concerning abuse at Ely State Prison.

Officer Charles Dudley trapped Dennis's arm in the food slot and beat his arm with a flashlight; Officer Tony Stubbs grabbed Dennis by the back of the neck and slammed his face into the cell wall. Even though his eye split open with the contact, Stubbs continued to bang Dennis's head into the wall. SCO Terrence Deeds straddled Dennis's back, pinning him to the floor and Stubbs repeatedly punched Dennis in the face. Lt. James Minnix watched the incident take place.

23. Affidavit of Dennis K. Sudberry dated May 23rd 2011, concerning a case of abuse in Northern Nevada Correctional Center, dated September 15th 2009. Sudberry supports the allegations made by Bradberry (See Document 19).

22. Affidavit of Rodney Ingram dated 4-16-2010 concerning abuse case at Northern Nevada Correctional Center of September 15th 2009. Ingram supports the allegations made by Bradberry (See Document 19).

21. Affidavit of John Flowers, written on July 13th, 2011 (?) concerning incident of abuse at Northern Nevada Correctional Center on September 15th 2009. Flowers supports the allegations made by Bradberry (See Document 19).

20. Affidavit of Thomas S. Wiltshire concerning his witness account of staff to prisoner abuse of Ronald Bradberry on September 15th 2009 at Northern Nevada Correctional Center. Dated December 9th 2011.

Wiltshire supports the allegations of Bradberry (See document 19). Wiltshire names Daniel Henson, Sgt. William Miller and Lt. Jeff Wiley as those who assaulted Bradberry. Wiltshire alleges that a pattern of such conduct exists among Wiley and his "crew".

19. Affidavit and court documents from Ronald Bradberry concerning Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC) staff. Affidavit dated December 8, 2011. While in full restraints, several officers, incuding Sgt. Wiliam Miller. Forced Bradberry face first onto the asphalt and raked back and forth over the asphalt and tased two (2) times in an incident in which Bradberry was not resisting. Incident was witnessed by staff and prisoners.

19a. Affidavit of Ronald Bradberry dated 8th of December 2011, and a request for Criminal Charges of Assault, sent to the Director of NDOC, Cox, by James Taylor and Robert Haasse, dated Dec. 4th 2011.

18. Letter from John Rush dated 5th of December 2011, concerning staff abuse on him. He is seventy years old and in for stealing 4 tee-shirts. R. Mooney, Guard at NNCC assaulted 70-year-old Prisoner John Rush on the medical unit at NNCC.

17. Letter from Gilbert Jay Paliotta concerning abuses in Ely State Prison, Nevada. Paliotta describes the incident that led to his murder of his cell mate.

16. Affidavit from Gilbert Jay Paliotta, dated November 2nd 2011. Officer Rick Rimington grabbed Paliotta, slammed him to the ground and punched his body and head while Paliotta was in handcuffs and leg restraints. Medical was called to evaluate Paliotta's injuries. Three days later Rimington was escorting Paliotta to the shower. Rimmington

grabbed Paliotta, slammed him to the ground, used his knee to hit Paliotta in the groin and repeatedly banged Paliotta's head against the concrete floor and twisted his arm. Again Medical was called to evaluate Paliotta's injuries.

15. Affidavit from Raymond Watison concerning staff abuse inside Ely State Prison, Ely, Nevada, written 16th November, 2011. Guards Christopher Davis and Curtis Rigney assaulted Watison while Watison was in full restraints after Watison stated that he was going to inform the court that Ms. Eleanor Blackham refused to allow his to view documents the court had ordered him to see. Watison placed his hand in the food slot to have his cuffs removed.

Rigney removed the first cuff. Davis called Watison a bitch and pulled his right arm out of the food slot violently until his skin came off. Davis said, "Fuck your legal shit!"

Ms. E. Blackman watched this incident and stated, I care less about your legal problems." Rigney and Davis kicked the food slot violently, threatened Watison's life and stated, "You're in redneck woods." Sr. Officer Glenn Hammack denied Watison dinner that evening and stated, "You don't look too good, niggers don't eat, well, you anyway."

14. Civil Rights Complaint 2:11-cv-1398-PMP-GWF from Timothy Sanders dated December 15th 2011 concerning staff abuse in High Desert State Prison, Indian Springs, Nevada. Correctional Officer Mingo was walking down the tier shouting obscenities at the inmates. She then sprayed bleach into Prisoner Sanders' face. Sanders eyes were flushed by medical.

13. Letter from Philip Tragale concerning Lovelock C.C. with Affidavit and Grievances from Feb. 2002, letter dated 30 November 2011. Prisoner Tragali describes attempts he has made to expose abuse. His copies were confiscated and charges were filed against him.The original affidavits wer sent out to Ms. Karen Seder for copying, and when they wre returned they were confiscated by mailroom officers and they have not been returned to Tragali. Tragali also alleges that Prisoner Joseph F. was assaulted by Officer Vallaster at Lovelock and was transferred for medical care.

12. Letter and Affidavit of Philip Tragale concerning staff abuses in Lovelock Correctional Center, Lovelock, NV, dated 25th November 2012.

Tragali witnessed an officer and a sgt post a notice on the door of Cell 51 (Prisoner Davis) stating that Davis was not to receive any food or water. For several days they didn't feed Davis, instead passing by his door and kicking it while yelling, "Fucking Nigger." They used the unit PA system to prevent Davis from sleeping. The officers yelled at Davis:

"You're a punk"; "You're a bitch;" "You're a piece of shit"; and over the unit PA system stated that Davis was a "rat".

Officer Roboscotti also threatened to keep the whole tier awake until Davis complied with Roboscotti's order to stip out.

11. Letter and Affidavit from Kevin Schneider concerning Ely State Prison, dated Dec. 4th 2012. SCO Hoffman at HDSP restrained Prisoner Schneider and once he was restrained, jumped on his back with his knee. Schneider was laying face down on rocks when the assault occurred and it caused a broken rib. Hoffman is no longer employed by NDOC.

10. Declaration of Adam Steven Anderson written on April 24th 2011 concerning abuse in Ely State Prison, for Nevada Cure.

Prisoner Anderson was assaulted by 6-7 officers. He suffered a broken nose, two swollen black eyes, lacerations to face and head, bruising to arms, back and legs, dislocated index finger on right hand. He was denied medical care and put in a cell where the floor was covered with blood and flood water. where he tried to tend to his own wounds. On that day, The water was turned off in his cell and he was denied tissue and water. A maintenance worker informed him that he was under orders from Minnix not to turn on the water or give Anderson any tissue.

On this day Prisoner Anderson witnessed eleven (11) cell extractions at the orders of Lt. Memmix and Lt. Jones. The cell extractions began either with chemical agents or unnecessary use of force. Guards Postma, Donahue, Manning, Peterson, Lyons, Araso, Jacoby, Deeds, Stubbs, Coleman, Sgt Hunt, Sgt. Kirtchen, Lt. Memmix, CERT Lue, CERT Moskoff participated, while Guard Smits was in the unit 4 bubble. Anderson witnessed officers using chemical agent on Prisoner Douglas Potter through the food slot in his cell. Blood from many individuals lay in standing water for over sixty hours.

Affidavit Two (2) describes incidents witnessed by Prisoner Schneider in which from around November 2009 to January 2010, C/O Herring assaulted an unnamed inmate who was housed in Cell #25. Officer Herring and an unknown officer were escorting said inmate in full restraints. They took him down to the ground successfully and while the prisoner was on the ground restrained Officer Herring used his knee to strike the prisoner's head, causing his head to ram into the side of the railing, causing a severe laceration over the prisoner's eye. A large amount of blood was on the floor.

9. Letter from Jeremiah Van Clinton dated 12-1-2009, postmarked 12-15-09, from Ely State Prison concerning abuse. Prisoner Jeremiah Clinton was choked, kneed in the back of the head and right eye. His eye was split open on the guard rail after being slammed by Herring and Jones.

8. Retaliation at H.D.S.P. against James K. Wardell, written on November 11th 2010 with his Affidavit attached.

James Wardell wrote a grievance because he was held in an isolation cell for ten (10) days as retaliation for exercising his first amendment right (vocal opposition to prison conditions). Once Wardell was released from the isolation cell he was held in ad seg and Warden Baca refused to return Wardell to general population.

8a. Typed up retaliation story at H.D.S.P. against James K. Wardell, written on November 11th 2010 with his Affidavit attached.

7. Letter from Andrew Meeks dated Dec. 1st 2011 regarding more abuse/violence by staff to inmates at Southern Desert Correctional Center, Indian Springs, Nevada. Inmate Cortney Collins beaten by guards, denied medical attention and called "black mother fucker" and other racist names by Officers Wolf, Colburn, Sanchez and Tate at SDCC.

6. Letter from Andrew Meeks dated 12-12-2011 with Affidavit and better copy of Grievance dated 9-25-2011.

Grievances describing above incident disappear; William Schultz, David George, Christopher Cyr and Cortney Collins were also assaulted by guards at SDCC.

5. Letter from Andrew L. Meeks in Southern Desert Correctional Center (Indian Springs, Nevada), dated Nov. 20, 2011 with Emergency Grievances concerning a violent incident against him by staff dated 9-25-2011. African American prisoner Meeks, while in full restraints, was beaten, stomped, kicked by five white correctional officers while being called racist names. Meeks' emergency grievance was "lost". He wrote a second emergency grievance and was called a "lying bitch" by Sgt. Kyker who advised Meeks to kill himself and crumpled up the second emergency grievance. After filing a grievance, Officer Christianson printed a copy of Meeks' criminal charges, posted it in the unit and encouraged other prisoners to assault Meeks. Christianson then allowed inmates to take Meeks' property. (Also SEE document 80 for affidavit regarding guards giving out Meeks' crime information to other prisoners from Levanral Polk and SEE document 83, letter from Rasheed re Meeks).

4. Letter from Douglas Scott Potter dated Dec. 1, 2011 and a Report by Correctional Consultation James M. Esten of Jan. 2nd 2010 concerning the murder of a cellmate due to disregard of who was celled up with whom, at Ely State Prison.
Correctional Consultant's report regarding the murder of Anthony Beltran on December 28, 2006 cites numerous instances of negligence in cell assignments, one of which led to Beltran's murder.

3. Grievance of Douglas Scott Potter regarding abuse in Ely State Prison, Unit 4. Dated: 2-4-2010, with replies.

Extraction team repeatedly used chemical agents until prisoner was gassed into unconsciousness and bloody from trying to break out his window to get air. Prisoner was then denied water, clean clothes or a shower and kept in a chemical-soaked cell with no running water, toilet paper or anything to get the chemicals off himself for several days.

2. Affidavit from Douglas Potter dated 28 November 2011 from Ely State Prison regarding abuse. C/Os Foster, Lyons and Johnson refused to feed inmate Jackson for several days while taunting and verbally abusing him.

1 First letter of Clarence Williams received 10 Oct 2011 regarding abuses at High Desert State Prison, NV and Ely State Prison, NV C/O Markus put a pillow case over Prisoner's head and beat him unconscious at HDSP.

1a. Second letter of Clarence Williams, dated 2-20-2011, concerning abuse incident when he was in High Desert State Prison, NV.

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