Friday, April 29, 2016

Good Time Credits paralegal aid

Hope for Freedom will draft the necessary documents in cases to secure good time credits for $1500.00. If after reviewing all documents and facts, the person is not entitled to good time reductions, $750.00 will be refunded. Email hopeforfreedom at yahoo dot com if interested or call 231-313-0059.

(from our IB #16)
For years, the NDOC has misapplied AB510 to effectively block earned early release credits to the vast majority of category A and B violent or sexual offenders. But on June 24, 2015, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled this was an error. In fact, the plain and clear language of NRS 209.4465(7)(b), pre 2007, does not preclude credit application to the minimum terms for the majority of these inmates.

In its Order, the Court found that:
1) AB510 was enacted in 2007 (therefore it cannot apply to offenses pre-2007); and,
(2) each offender, between July 17, 1997 and June 30, 2007 is entitled to application of his or her stat time to his or her parole eligibility (Category A offenses that specifically
state “a minimum sentence that must be served before a person becomes eligible for parole “are not included in this ruling).
All B, C, D, E and Attempts to Commit A felonies are affected.
See Frederick VonSeydewitz v. Warden Robert LeGrand No. 66159, June 24, 2015 for complete information and ruling.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Volunteer with Nevada-Cure: you are invited to help respond to mail from prisoners

We have an opportunity to do very important and essential work with and for people in prison in Nevada, under guidance of Nevada-Cure. 

Nevada-Cure receives many letters per week from people locked up in prisons in Nevada, asking us for help or guidance on all kinds of issues. We are not attorneys, but we can still respond to the letters with our answers based on common sense, internet research, and compassion. 

We are looking for people who stand firmly on their own feet, who have some life experience, and who like to help others, plus people who are communicative, good in working together with others. You do not need to become a penpal or have any other social involvement. We just need your commitment to respond to a few letters a week, in first instance under our guidance. We cannot pay you, as we are all volunteers ourselves. 
Nevada-Cure will offer support and a possibly very insightful and grateful volunteer work.

If you are interested, please contact us: 
via e-mail: Nevadacure @, 
or via telephone: 702.347.1731
Or contact us via our Facebook profile.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

NV-Cure Bookdrive to ESP completed! Thank you!

The NV-CURE Book Drive for ESP was completed on 4/2/16. The Icelady brought the books she gathered in the North down to William in Vegas. William combined them with the books-gather in Vegas. Laurie drove the books to Ely and delivered the books (13 boxes of paperback books) the Associate Warden at ESP.

Congratulations people and a big that you for the help - particularly to Icelady, William and Laurie. Good job done. The guys in solitary, and those who are forced to share a cell with another man for long hours per day, will appreciate them.

Our next goal for our book drive will be the women's prison, FMWCC.

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