Nevada Cure Resource Booklet 2016

Here you can download the 2016 Resource Guide for Nevada Prisoners. Please share this with a friend or loved one inside, thank you.

Informational Bulletin Nevada-Cure

Informational Bulletin Nevada-Cure

Here you find a copy of the NV-CURE Informational Bulletin (IB) Newsletter - that will be sent to prisoners who are a member and who are on our mailing list.

You may want to print copies to send to prisoners that may not be on our mailing list and you may want to e-mail to any persons that may have an interest in the NV prison system.

We need to bring the problems with the NV prison and parole systems to as many people as possible. 
Good people should not tolerate the things that are going on behind barbed wire fenses in Nevada.


  • Nr 22 (March 2017)
  • Nr 21A (February 2017)Special Edition Newsletter on Hep C lawsuits that went out to all NV prisoners in contact with NV-CURE regarding representation in a class action lawsuit.  It was not sent to all our Members. You may download and send to other prisoners.
  • Nr 21 (January 2017)








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